December 13, 2008

Angie Bath


Although we will not get to be with you in person on your 40th Birthday - today - we are still celebrating and remembering you with great joy and giving thanks to God for the gift of you, to us.

Time certainly still seems to keep passing by but, we never do seem to get used to not having you here with us anymore. I guess that is because you were a special and unforgettable person. We are further reminded of that whenever we think back to the incredible celebration of your life when you passed away. You touched many lives in the short time that you were here and we continue to learn from you even after youíre gone. That is what this website is all about, remembering you and the incredibly moving and memorable events of your passing.

I love the picture nearby of us together when we were very young. It makes me think of the perfect, happy childhood that I remember. Iíve never felt more loved or protected than at about that time in my life. I hope you did too. I think this is a favorite of mine because it also takes me back to a time when I could hold you and keep you safe. Iím so sorry that I couldnít be there when you needed me the most.

This gift of memory is a remarkable thing and again reminds us that God truly thought of everything when preparing us for this journey. Itís easy to think of loved ones, like you, whoíve passed on and to be saddened by the depth of our loss. But, when we can return, within our hearts and minds, to the richness of our time together, we know that you are never truly gone.

So Happy Birthday, Baby Sister! We miss you and look forward to being reunited someday. But, until that day comes, we will never forget you nor cease in expressing our gratitude for the time that we had.

Love Always,

Your Big Brother